Fax Server for Microsoft Exchange and Outlook

Microsoft Exchange Fax Server

The Imecom Fax Server for Microsoft Exchange provides seamless email-to-fax and fax-to-email integration for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010/2007/2003 and Microsoft Outlook clients.

How It Works

The Imecom Fax Server communicates with the Microsoft Exchange Server over SMTP. All you need to do is create a Microsoft Exchange SMTP Send Connector that tells Exchange Server to route outbound faxes to the Imecom Fax Server. Likewise, the Imecom Fax Server will be configured to route inbound faxes and fax delivery confirmation messages to your Exchange Server. This simple, clean integration enables any mail user in Active Directory to fax from their desktop using Microsoft Outlook – no client software is required.

Sending Faxes

  • Compose and send email messages with attachments right from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Web Access (OWA), or any desktop program
  • Create one fax with multiple attachments of various formats
  • Print-to-fax for Microsoft Outlook clients available
  • Receive fax delivery confirmations via email – option to include sent fax as attachment is available
  • Address fax messages using SMTP format or Microsoft Fax Address
  • Store fax contacts in your Outlook contacts list
  • Manage sent faxes just like you do sent emails

Receiving Faxes

  • Receive and view faxes right in your Inbox or as an email message with a link to a location from which the fax may be retrieved
  • Receive faxes in PDF or TIFF format
  • Store and manage received faxes in Outlook exactly as you do regular emails
  • Numerous inbound fax routing options available

Fax Server Administration

  • Central MMC-based administration console available on the Fax Server or remote workstations
  • Uses Microsoft Exchange SMTP Send Connector
  • LDAP integration for Active Directory without requiring schema extensions
  • Manage fax users, cover pages, and user rights through Active Directory Group and User policies
  • View activity, send, and receive logs as well as pending queue
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