Print-2-Image File Conversion Software

Robust Image Converter

Print-2-Image is a virtual image printer driver that installs and functions like a normal Windows printer. Users are able to convert files and documents into a number of popular image formats from any Windows server, Citrix server, or Windows workstations.

Supports Numerous Image File Formats

Print-2-Image Version 7 offers a number of new image file outputs – formats that are common and used everyday. In addition to our main TIFF driver output, Print-2-Image converts to PDF, GIF, JPG, Bitmap, PCX, and DCX – all from one single image converter engine.

Convert Images from Microsoft Office

The Print-2-Image virtual printer driver is compatible with Microsoft Office 2010, 2007, 2003, and 2000. Users can convert .docx and .doc, .xlsx and .xls, and other Microsoft Office documents to TIFF, PDF, GIF, JPG, Bitmap, and PCX with a few mouse clicks. Converting your Office documents to images is a quick and easy process – it’s virtually the same as printing to a normal printer.

Custom Application Integration

The Print-2-Image converter is equipped with an OCX Module for embedding the virtual printer driver into custom applications. Application developers and programmers can communicate directly with the core image printer driver to easily generate high-quality images directly from their applications.

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