Some organizations, well many organizations today have the need to integrate employees from under roofs all over the word. There are organizations out there who understand that this is possible and then there are organizations who think that geographical locations put up barriers in the abilities of integrated voice communications. Today’s technology allows employees working from any location around the word to behave as if they are under one roof. Now, do you have a provider that has a physical presence around the world?

Alhambra has locations in the U.S., Paris, Madrid, and Brazil providing their clients with reliable, world-wide telecommunications services. Working with big names such as Toyota, Tyco and VW as well as many Government and Healthcare agencies around the world. There is truly a global offering here but with a localized focus which allows the company to offer unbeatable customer service.

Alhambra offers several products and services all backed by secure, dependable technologies that are certified and regulation approved. These services include Hosted PBX, IaaS, off-premise data center offerings, and Cloud Faxing. The cloud faxing includes solutions for both inbound and outbound faxing that is compliant with all healthcare regulations. In addition to those services Alhambra offers a secure SMS service that is ideal and mostly used by healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, offering their patience that convenient notification of appointments and prescription pickups.

If your organization is like so many out there today that needs that global interaction and integration, reach out to Alhambra today and learn how they can increase your global productivities.